I’m a huge fan of decorating for the season- my newest spot for a nap is curled up on the tree skirt enjoying the twinkling tree lights- but there is more to the holidays.

 I know the holidays are a time for showing gratitude and appreciation and while staff often joke about my ever-watchful gaze (I hear you!), I do in fact notice everything. That includes what projects staff are working on, which treats the horses and goats prefer (they can be picky! We cats are not that picky… although I do prefer chicken and waffle flavored treats) and what activities program participants are doing. 

 That being said, and with the challenging year 2020 has proven to be, and as the boss, I have put together a “wish list” for my two and four-legged staff to not only say thank you for all that they do with a little treat or two, but to also help them continue to provide transformative opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through the important work they do every single day.

 I thought of everything from tools that might lighten the load for staff to supplements to help keep our horses happy and healthy! If you are interested in helping me, please visit my wish list at: https://smile.amazon.com/hz/charitylist/ls/1CGKI5I9S6G5X/ref=smi_cl_wl_rd_cl or to make a donation visit https://checkout.square.site/buy/WBI5DG7SMQWWFYNPHJGCYBDM.


Thank you very meow-ch for your support! And happiest of holidays.