It All Begins at the Root

From seed to harvest, our agriculture programs surround all of the activities at the farm.  Just as the word implies, roots provide the foundation from which all things can grow.  It’s only a natural fit that our agriculture programs allow us to extend employment opportunities to those of all abilities.  We provide our staff with a sense of responsibility, along with new skills to cultivate independence and self-worth.  Our facility has over 80 chickens in our coop, a buzz-worthy honey and maple syrup production facility, a horticulture center, including hydroponic and traditional farming.  Students and volunteers in our agriculture programs learn how to plant seeds, collect fresh eggs, bottle honey and care for our animals, as they are integrated into the farming process from growth to sale.

With our bustling agriculture program, we produce a wide variety of high-quality farm to table products that are available exclusively under our farm’s retail brand, Root Farm Fresh.  Providing employment opportunities for those that would typically face barriers, sales of our products directly support our programs.  From maple syrup tapped from our very own trees to leafy greens that are produced in our Freight Farms, we have a variety of farm fresh offerings that are available regardless of the season.  Our products are available to purchase year-round at the farm, or seasonally at various farmers markets throughout the community.

Our products include:

  • Fresh Brown Eggs
  • Maple Syrup and Maple Cream
  • Honey
  • Leafy Greens
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • and much more!

Farm to Table

Through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, we provide freshly picked, farm-grown produce throughout the summer months to members of our surrounding community.  By integrating our farmers with local consumers, we are able to create a direct relationship with the community and supply sustainable products.  With the purchase of a share, CSA members receive a box of produce on a weekly basis for the duration of the summer growing season.  With a limited number of shares available, CSA members are able to pick up their share each week right at the farm.

Details for our 2018 CSA program
will be announced soon! 

Hydroponic Greens

Avoiding the variables of farming in Upstate New York, we utilize hydroponic greenhouses to produce the majority of our leafy greens.  Our hydroponic greenhouses are housed in Freight Farms, which are former shipping containers that are insulated to shield against seasonal changes.  Our ‘leafy green machines’ allow planting without the use of soil; rather, a nutrient-rich water solution is used to feed the plants, while LED lights provide the necessary light for growing.  Plants are grown in vertical towers to maximize space and use only 10 gallons of water per day for 4,000 plants.

  • With our unique growing system, we can produce up to 500 heads of lettuce a week, even in the middle of winter!
  • We grow lettuce, herbs, kale, swiss chard — almost any leafy green, without the use of herbicides or pest solutions.
  • We use only non-GMO seeds and essential nutrients to ensure clean, fresh produce.
  • We supply local restaurants and businesses with our leafy greens.
  • Root Farm Fresh products are available to purchase at the farm.


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