The Root Farm is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping people of all ages and abilities through agricultural, equine, and recreational experiences.
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Transforming Lives

We provide educational, recreational, therapeutic, vocational, and volunteering opportunities.
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We offer hands-on learning experiences and provide farm-fresh products to our local community.


We provide recreation and therapeutic equine programs that can transform those of all ages and abilities.


Our adventures foster teamwork and camaraderie for those of all abilities.


“When my daughter started at The Root Farm, she was basically non-verbal and after just a couple of sessions, she began speaking! This therapy has made a tremendous difference for her, and for us as a family. It has just made such a phenomenal difference in her ability to just participate in regular life. We are thrilled with her progress and growth.”

Amanda, Parent of a rider


“We’ve seen our daughter’s physical ability get a lot better. She can move a lot better, she’s more coordinated. Also, she’s a lot happier and just loves the animals up here. It’s a family here, and when you take your child to The Root Farm, it doesn’t matter if it’s the therapist, any of the aides, or any of the staff here, they all treat you like you’re their family walking through the door. Whatever you need, they are always here to help.”

Jamie & Jason, Parents of rider

Transformation StorIES

“We create transformative opportunities from which people can grow and expand to become the best that they can be.” 

– Jeremy Earl, Executive Director


“Our daughter has grown in some incredible ways. Her motor planning, sensory integration, confidence, and even speech. There are no white coats or double glass doors that open on their own, the honesty of the horses and what it means to be riding, it’s given us such a great sense of relief that our daughter is being well-cared for.”

Ken, Parent of a rider

Creating Purpose

The life-changing opportunities we witness every day are far from ordinary.  Our vision is to provide a sense of responsibility along with new skills, independence, and self-worth to all individuals.

Focus on Your Capabilities and Expand Your Possibilities

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Action TrackChair

The Action Trackchair is an all-terrain wheelchair, designed to enable the disabled community in outdoor settings, making it possible to break through the boundaries and confinements of where their standard wheelchair can take them.

The Root Farm is an official New York State Action Trackchair dealer!

The Root Farm

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