Farm Jobs:  Adaptive and non-adaptive lessons
Roots:  Donation from a local non-profit

Walker, with his old soul and ‘elephant eyes,’ is the oldest member of the family.  His official name is Johnny Walker Red, but kids get such a huge kick out of saying the tongue twister ‘Walk Walker,’ that his nickname is here to stay.  A rich, reddish-mahogany color, Walker’s coat adds another variation of chestnut to the farm’s color palette.  He definitely always has an eye for the ladies, as he’ll often break into a flowing prance of a trot while going by the girls’ pasture.

Home at The Root Farm:
March 2017


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/hippotherapy/vaulting/non-adaptive
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root

Kruzer’s easygoing and mellow temperament have made him the “go to” horse for beginner riders of any age.  He truly is a remarkable horse, having had a wide variety of life experiences that allow him to strongly relate to and connect with people. Kruzer is the natural leader of the herd as the other horses look up to him; although, sometimes Apollo drives him crazy as the annoying little brother constantly chasing him around the pasture! He enjoys being around people just as much as other horses, and always comes right to the gate for lessons as he is always ready and willing to work. Kruzer tends to fall asleep while in cross ties (and occasionally while walking!), and loves snacking, whether it’s stooping to the ground multiple times to grab grass while heading to the pasture, or sneakily reaching for a flake of hay on his way into the riding arena. Kruzer’s latest tricks are unzipping the jackets of his lead walkers, and picking peppermints out of their pockets.

Home at The Root Farm:

Seven years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/non-adaptive, vaulting, hippotherapy
Roots:  Donation from a local family

Like his best friend, Kruzer, Doc has the laid back personality that Quarter horses are known for.  One of the most social and affectionate horses of the group, it often seems that he prefers the company and attention of humans than that from other horses, (except Kruzer, of course!).  He typically will stand like a statue for almost anything:  grooming, trimming his hooves, portrait sessions, hugs, and even for stitches!

Home at The Root Farm:
October 2016


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/non-adaptive, vaulting, hippotherapy
Roots: Originally from out West and changed careers to become part of the farm’s programs 

Named after the god of the sun, Apollo’s golden palomino coat is a favorite among riders. Rather particular about who lead walks him, he often seems to prefer the company of female staff during long walks to/from the pasture. A fan of rhythm and a slow beat, Apollo sometimes incessantly paws the ground, hoping to attract attention and receive a flake of hay. He has also been known to (repeatedly) check out his reflection when walking by mirrors. When he first arrived at the farm, Apollo did not like any kind of treat but now will rummage around in people’s pockets in search of a peppermint, his new favorite!

Home at The Root Farm:
August 23, 2017


Thunder has one motivator in life: FOOD. Any kind of food, any time of day. Even though he is by far the smallest horse at the farm, he thinks he is the biggest! Although Thunder will gamely participate in programs, he will do so more willingly if the end result is food. Preferably a large field full of grass! And a peppermint. And some apple slices. And so on…


Jasper is not only the newest addition but also the youngest (and loudest!) to the Root Farm herd. He is a super sweet miniature donkey who LOVES attention, and long walks on the property, preferably in the sunshine. He really likes being around the chickens and will follow them everywhere (even if they don’t want him to). Special thank you to Lou & Laura Tehan for bringing this sweet guy to the farm!


Mama goat Autumn is definitely the ringleader, keeping an eye on the kids and using her internal clock to let them all know when it’s time to stand at the pasture gate to go back inside. She is still a little wary of new surroundings, but is slowly acclimating to the farm’s many wonders!



Sweet Maple is the oldest of the kids, and the bravest. She usually leads the kids when traveling from one pasture to the next, and is the most curious about what projects are happening at the farm. Maple helps keep the rest of the kids in line, especially Lariat, who is often jumping and encouraging everyone else to play!


Lariat “Larry”

Affectionately known as Larry the Loudmouth, this little guy is usually the first one shouting when someone enters the barn. He loves to be fed treats, and will nibble your fingers looking for the next snack. Lariat is the most energetic of the group, and loves to climb and play, whether it’s on tree stumps, mats in the arena or pushing around his siblings. Head butting is a particular favorite!S



Named for a white crescent moon mark on her side, Luna is the first one to meet you at the gate, although is still a little shy. Not the most coordinated goat, she trips, falls and then lays down until someone helps her back on her feet! She is the only kid to routinely eat her vegetables (usually celery although she adores hydroponically grown greens!) at feeding time, and also is the only one who likes licorice treats. Luna also enjoys standing on the Theraplate!


Maximus “Max”

The littlest of the goat group, one of Max’s most endearing traits is his pig-like snort when gobbling down grain. He likes to be held as long as he can snuggle his head right next to your neck, and often looks to Luna for advice on where to go and what to do next. Max is also the herd’s escape artist, as he has snuck out of the pen a few times!



Bonnie’s primary role is that of farm supervisor, and she will let staff know just when she is not receiving enough attention, mainly by meowing incessantly and jumping up on her hind legs to have her head rubbed.  She often keeps riders and their families company in the observation room, and also assists staff with paperwork by climbing over the keyboard, knocking over items on the desk, or the majority of the time happily sitting in someone’s lap for hours.  Another favorite pastime is sharing her latest catch with everyone, whether it’s a bird she chased into the riding arena during a lesson, or a mouse left in a barn stall for staff to find the next morning.  Bonnie’s favorite spot to nap is on the seat of the Action Track chairs.


One of the most photogenic barn kittens around, Loki is certainly learning his duties well and is a valued member of the team. He routinely gives 150% to his job, daily walking staff and visitors to and from their cars to the building, and helping with other tasks such as: leading hikes on the nature trails, sleeping under cars, hiding in hay while horses are eating it, digging seeds out of the garden immediately after they are planted and so much more!

He is so darn cute that people can’t help but fall in love with him at first sight, although this trait also enables him to constantly get away with mischief. Loki loves working with groups, and participates in camps and field trips, often sitting on hay bales right next with the kids (and usually stealing the show!).

Lane and Rodeo

These fellers have been born together, raised together, and have never been separated. They are the shyest of all animals on the farm but have been on the top of the list of the nosiest animals on the farm! If you walk past their cage, you will often hear squeaks and squeals begging for some sweet treats (carrots or lettuce). Lane has a nickname of “Plain Jane Lane” for his very mellow attitude until you try to pick him up. Rodeo has been known to cause some ruckus in the cage. He is usually the one running wild from wall to wall and tends to flip over the hide out log over and over again even after volunteers or staff have fixed it for the 20th time of the day.


The newest bunny on the farm, not-so-little (she turned out not to be a miniature rabbit) Alaska has already stolen everyone’s hearts!  Alaska has the courage of a lion and is absolutely fearless, wanting to explore all corners of the farm when not jumping on and off her pink princess tower. She enjoys car rides, meeting new animals, being held and sleeping in her litter box.


Even though his name is Rocket, he acts more like a sloth as he has a very mellow personality. He is very timid and shy but is pretty relaxed around people and other animals once he gets to know them. Rocket’s most notable trait is his wild hairstyle that is the envy of the other rabbits!



Amelia is one special chick. Born with scissor beak, she likely would not have survived long without help from us as she has difficulty picking up food and eating like a typical chicken. She is super pampered, and receives three specially prepared meals daily consisting of yogurt (ONLY vanilla!), creamed corn, tomatoes, berries, beef and other tasty items mixed with chicken feed. She has the best personality and is very adventurous. Amelia loves climbing stairs, sleeping in Alexis’ lap and exploring the hayloft- she often will fly right out the back window! As much as she enjoys exploring, Amelia LOVES sunbathing even more and can often be found completely sprawled out in a sunny spot on the property.

She also plays an important role in field trips and animal-assisted learning groups, demonstrating that being different doesn’t make one less important, and that we all have something to offer and contribute.



Gracie has several essential jobs at The Root Farm, most importantly being a seeing-eye chicken for Amara. Named for her beautiful gray and silver feathers, Gracie is a very anxious girl, although her role helping Amara seems to alleviate her anxiety at times. She is definitely much more comfortable living with a smaller flock of chickens and happily helps out with barn chores, most notably cleaning out feed dishes (in case the horses-rarely- miss any grain), digging out the trenches by the doors so we can open them more easily and spending time with the cows and goats in their barn.

If you hear incessant screeching in the barn, it’s probably Gracie on high alert, making sure no one goes near the egg she just laid!



The meaning behind Amara’s name is quite unique: it means “deathless” and was given to her by the girls in one of our animal-assisted learning groups after Amara survived being hit by car. Her recovery was difficult, but she triumphed and despite losing vision in one eye, she navigates quite well around the barn, especially with help from Gracie. She is actually the fastest of the three chicks, despite her visual impairment! One of her favorite places to hang out is in the huge pile of bedding, often laying her eggs there as well.



Daisy typically looks all sweet and innocent- like the beautiful flower she is named after- but don’t be fooled; she will run, buck and jump unexpectedly as she is always ready to play! She can often be found running after the goats in the pasture, climbing and playing in the pile of bedding and licking everything in sight. She is the proud owner of the most beautiful eyelashes in the barn, and loves having her photo taken (usually just of her eyes).


Darla, aptly named because she is “so cute and darling,” is the older of our two Charolais calves. She is a little more on the shy side, but just as sweet as Daisy, and loves being pet. While she walks well on a lead, she does prefer to take her time and meander, checking out things along the way- whether it’s saying hi to the ducks in the ditch or a chicken crossing, or stopping to smell a really cool rock!  

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