Farm Jobs:  Adaptive and non-adaptive lessons
Roots:  Donation from a local non-profit

Walker, with his old soul and ‘elephant eyes,’ is the newest member of the family.  His official name is Johnny Walker Red, but kids get such a huge kick out of saying the tongue twister ‘Walk Walker,’ that his nickname is here to stay.  A rich, reddish-mahogany color, Walker’s coat adds another variation of chestnut to the farm’s color palette.  He definitely always has an eye for the ladies, as he’ll often break into a flowing prance of a trot while going by the girls’ pasture.

Home at The Root Farm: 
March 2017


Farm Jobs:  Company photo shoots, non-adaptive lessons, equine facilitated psychotherapy
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root 

A dashing black Friesian from Holland, Malkier is entirely cognizant of his good looks and uses them to coerce extra treats and attention from visitors to the farm.  His stature and flowing black locks always draw gasps of admiration from crowds while part of events, but Mal is just as happy to hang out in his stall with a good slab of hay.  He loves to be groomed and pampered, and is a great listener for all kinds of conversations, as he is very responsive and attentive.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Ten years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/non-adaptive lessons, vaulting, hippotherapy
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root

The long mare, Nestle is known as “old reliable” for her unwavering patience, steady gait, and willingness to tolerate almost anything, even vaulting, although she does not like the vet.  She is the proud owner of the best hooves in the barn and enjoys hanging out with her favorite pal, Millie.  She enjoys running around outside with Millie, so much so that she will sometimes refuse to come in for lessons.  One would never know this from simply watching her, but Nestle is visually impaired in one eye and teaches many of our riders about disabilities through her story.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Ten years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive riding and hippotherapy
Roots:  Donation from a local family

Affectionately called Tony Meatball by the many kids he has worked with, Tony’s yearbook superlative would definitely be “class clown.”  He is a bit clumsy, sometimes tripping over his own feet, and never stands still, even in cross ties – he continually dances around.  Tony has a pretty impressive mane and when it’s cut, kids always want to ride the horse “with a mohawk!”  He loves to eat more than anything else, and used to be afraid of the lawn mower until he learned it spits fresh cut grass directly into his round pen!  Tony’s claim to fame at the farm is a sixth sense that has detected seizure activity in riders.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Two years


Farm Jobs:  Vaulting, adaptive and non-adaptive lessons
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root – original Root Farm (from California)

Chance is a 20-year-old Quarter Horse/Clydesdale cross, we think, though he never seems to age.  One of the tallest horses at the farm, Chance’s primary job area is vaulting.  Many riders have pushed their limits, overcome their fears, and built confidence by riding backwards, kneeling or even standing on his back while practicing vaulting moves.  Chance’s height can be a little intimidating, but this handsome boy is generally mild-mannered, unless it’s time for treats, at which point, watch your fingers as he has been known to knock treat bowls out of one’s hands and eagerly nuzzle hands in search of carrots or something sweeter.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Ten years


Farm Jobs:  Pasture management, holiday parades
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root

Arguably, the farm’s favorite four-legged animal, Millie’s long ears and shaggy coat have appeared in many visitor photos.  Her favorite hobbies are dust baths and long naps in the sun, and she’ll do almost anything for a peppermint, except come into the barn!  Millie loves the four seasons and prefers to be outside the majority of the time, growing a fur coat comparable to a woolly mammoth during the winter months.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Ten years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/non-adaptive lessons, hippotherapy, driving
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root

After many hard and successful years of cart racing, Angus is happily enjoying his semi-retirement at the Root Farm.  Always wide-eyed and inquisitive, Angus will only let those he trusts touch his ears and absolutely hates wearing a fly mask during the summer months.  (Ironically, he’s one of the few horses who actually keeps it on!)  Kids love to ask about his racing marks and tattoos, and love to tell others they “rode a racehorse” today!

Home at The Root Farm: 
Seven years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/hippotherapy/vaulting/non-adaptive
Roots:  Dr. Alice Root

The youngest and most curious of the Root Farm herd, Kruzer’s easygoing and mellow temperament have made him the “go to” horse for beginner riders of any age.  He tends to fall asleep while in cross ties, and occasionally while walking.  He loves snacking, whether it’s stooping to the ground multiple times to grab grass while heading to the pasture, or sneakily reaching for a flake of hay on his way into the riding arena. Kruzer’s latest tricks are unzipping the jackets of his lead walkers, and picking peppermints out of their pockets.

Home at The Root Farm: 
Six years


Farm Jobs:  Adaptive/non-adaptive, vaulting, hippotherapy
Roots:  Donation from a local family

Like his best friend, Kruzer, Doc has the laid back personality that Quarter horses are known for.  One of the most social and affectionate horses of the group, it often seems that he prefers the company and attention of humans than that from other horses, (except Kruzer, of course!).  He typically will stand like a statue for almost anything:  grooming, trimming his hooves, portrait sessions, hugs, and even for stitches!

Home at The Root Farm: 
October 2016


Bonnie’s primary role is that of farm supervisor, and she will let staff know just when she is not receiving enough attention, mainly by meowing incessantly and jumping up on her hind legs to have her head rubbed.  She often keeps riders and their families company in the observation room, and also assists staff with paperwork by climbing over the keyboard, knocking over items on the desk, or the majority of the time happily sitting in someone’s lap for hours.  Another favorite pastime is sharing her latest catch with everyone, whether it’s a bird she chased into the riding arena during a lesson, or a mouse left in a barn stall for staff to find the next morning.  Bonnie’s favorite spot to nap is on the seat of the Action Track chairs.


Rescued from Armory Drive in Utica, Clyde is one of the most lovable and affectionate barn cats you’ll ever meet.  A few of his routine job duties at the farm are helping stack hay (he will lay directly behind staff as they are four bales high trying to catch other bales being tossed to the rafters), taste testing staff lunches and riding on top of bags of bedding piled high on the hand truck during morning chores.  His latest role is that of a yoga instructor, helping with a recent farm fundraiser.  Clyde’s favorite spot to nap is in a wheelbarrow full of hay.

Sasquatch and Nibbles

Donated by a local family, Sasquatch and Nibbles, the farm’s rabbits, are usually the highlight of school field trips.  Despite his name, Sasquatch is very sweet and affectionate, and he loves to sit on staff’s laps during conference calls and other routine paperwork.  His favorite game is tag, and he’ll actively chase kids around the indoor arena, much to their delight.  As much as Sasquatch tries to play with the cats and become their friend, Bonnie and Clyde repeatedly run away from him, afraid to get too close.

Nibbles is more curious, and is happy to meander around, investigating all nooks and crannies of the facility.  She has helped kids overcome anxiety with riding, accompanying the rider (via the arms of staff) to help groom the horses, and then safely watching the lesson in the arms of the rider’s parent.  Nibbles loves to snack on Freight Farm lettuce, apple branches from the farm’s orchard and hay.

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